January 14, 2008


be vewy, vewy qwiet.

I am sneakin' up on (and into) my target, it seems.

Not sure exactly how or when the problem I was still having at times resolved itself, nor do I care, unless it involved Paul.
If it was him who did it, then hugs all over 'im.
If it was God, or the computer fairy, or one of my cats... whatever.

I don't wanna say too much, lest I jinx it again, ya know?

I'm back home.

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January 07, 2008

Whew man... it's almost like I'm drunk...

I am so tired (and every time I say that, to myself or out loud, I hear it sung by Ozzy [Osbourne, not my defunct kitty of the same name]), that my balance is fer shit and my brain is like a comedian on crack.


It's fun and thank God I can do this job pretty much in the dark/while asleep because for all intents and purposes (or "intensive purposes" as some Rhodes Scholars say *grin*), I all but am anyway.

Let's put it this way, I'm so tired my body doesn't even hurt.

Comfortably numb...
It's not a state of mind so much as a state of bliss.

I was up til 1am and the house is better than it's been in a while.
Not done by any means, but lots better nonetheless.

Meanwhile, in spite of being all goofy and off-balance, silly and not full-strength strong today, all I have left to do out there is the hutch grain.
Everything else is done already.
Fed both barns while "they" fixed the mixer in my milk tank, then fed the milk, then came in to file the sharp edge offa chipped nail before I hurt myself or something else widdit.

Now, all I need to do is gather the gumption to walk away from Let's Make a Deal to go do the hutch grain and, frankly, I don't wanna.
I love Let's Make a Deal.

Eh, screw it.
I get done quick enough out there and I'll be back in time for the cool shit on TVLand.

Gotta do the inside critter cages when I do get back in.
Let Donny get some swim time in, in the tub, while I do her's.
The roosters can roam around in the pool room, too, actually... cool.
They'll like that.
Let the bun-buns run around a bit while I do their's.... though I hafta let them out seperately.
Seems "Grace", the white one, is a BOY (ahem, Viz... dis one needs a new name, methinks) and he's the dominate one if they're out together, if ya get my drift.
Now, all I need to do is figure out whether Raven is a girl or just a little light in his loafers.

Anyway... gotta do that, vacuum, mop... someday soon shampoo the carpets again... go to the store...

Also, somebody remind me to go to my insurance agent's office with a check on Wednesday, please.
And, to pay off that stupid fine on Friday, lest there be a warrant issued, because I, dolt that I am, managed to forget the first payment on the 28th because of how sucky both our checks were.

The first payment and I fuck it up.
*shakes head*
Anyway, screw the payments.
I'm just gonna go pay the whole damned thing on Friday.
Just get it over with.

Just don't let me forget, okay?
Email me, many times, about this.
Don't get off me about it til I do it.
Don't take any shit from me, either.
Keep on my ass til it's done.

Thank you in advance, whomever wants this job.

Okay... back to work.
Then, back to house work.
Then, back to work again.
Then, to bed, to work, to house work, to work, to bed... is it me, or is there a rather dull pattern emerging here?

*rolls eyes, heaves dramtic sigh*
*then, laughs again*

Peace, peeps...

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January 06, 2008

I'm still cleaning...

I no longer remember when it was I last woke up, but... it's been a while.

What's today?
Right now, it's Sunday.
I was off Saturday, so whatever time I got up Saturday is how long it's been since I've slept.

I'm tired, yeah, but... also so close to one level of "done-ness" that I don't wanna stop just yet.

And, this time, it's withOUT Ephedrine.

I have one more room to de-clutter, then I really should get this chicken cooked and ready, then I need to go to bed.

I don't even think I'm gonna do the chicken tonight.
It'll keep til tomorrow, as will rebedding the critter cages.

Meanwhile, starting Private Parts for about the third time to keep me company til I'm done for the night.

Peace, y'all.

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Oh, and by the way...

I most definitely need to be dragged off and shot to smithereens.

I have lately been watching, and laughing out loud at, in fact it's on right now... God help me and I swear I do not "like" like the "father figure" (anymore... not since I heard he used to comb his pit hair before going onstage, ew)...

*looks around furitively and whispers*

hannah montana....

I know, I know...
I am fuuucked the fuck up, ain't I?

Issues, yes I know.
I have them.

Got it.

*hides face in hands*

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Man, have I missed Def Leppard...

Today, for the first time since it got really cold a month or so ago, I got to use my headphones and listen to DefLep while I worked.

It was great.
Immeasurably enhanced, no doubt, by the herbal refreshment I had partaken of prior to heading out.

The fact that I wasn't dressed in as many winter clothes as Randy Parker for the first time in weeks was pretty nice, too.

S'posed to be even warmer tomorrow.

I reeeeaaally like that.

Oh... and I've actually solved a huge problem that only a Disney-brained dipshit like me could probably even have.

The goddamned ASPCA commercial with that redheaded Sarah person moaning that song about angels in the background no longer has the power to render me a weeping heap on the floor at the first fucking note of that stupid damned song ABOUT DEATH FROM HEROIN ADDICTION.

How many friggin' animals do YOU know who've been remanded to thr custody of the ASPCA for a fuckin' heroin addiction?

Me... let's see...


Sunsabitches... manipulating me for months, making me feel like shit, waking me from a sound sleep more than once with that stupid song... and it ain't got jackshit to do with anything remotely animal related.

So, knowing that gets me OVER IT, thank Christ, then I see the rest of the ad for what it is.
More manipulation, unless you're aware and ready for it.

All of those poor sad mangled, one-eyed, three-legged, shaking, sad eyed critters are FINE.
They're all already healed or operated on or rescued and didja know a dog'll shake sometimes coming out of anesthesia?
Howl like banshees, too, if they're of a mind.
That's always fun.

Anyway, it's blatant bullshit and now that I can get past the "having my heart forcibly ripped outta my chest 26 fuckin' times a goddamned DAY", thank you ASPCA, it's got NUTTIN' on me now.

So, bite me.
And, tell me AGAIN how the FUCK I can be doing MORE for animals than I already do.
Do that again, you bastards.

Fuuuuuuuuuck you.

I singlehandedly do more for more species of animals on a daily basis than sixteen zoo keepers, ya know?

So, quit mind fucking me with this shit.

Or not.

I'll be fine either way, actually.

Oh, and by the way... ASPCA?

What about farm animals or the exotics at zoos or the myraid other, less fuzzy and adorable animals, like shittin' and kickin' cows, or egg farm chickens or horse slaughter?

If ya wanna yank heart/purse strings, well then YANK the fuckin' things.

Or just STFU and stay outta my face, m'kay?

*rolls eyes*

Okay... back to the herbal refreshmemnts and the up-all-night cleaning and shit.

More later... maybe.

pee ess...
I have emailed Pixy again about these comments.
Maybe he'll get to 'em sometime today.
If not, that's why God invented email, right?


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January 02, 2008

That was then, this is now...

in reference to the February post down there.

I'm back... here.

I never did stop blogging, I was just trying to do it at the "dot com" site, which I haven't been able to do since September 20, due to "server issues", whateverinthehell THAT means, besides "I'm screwed", basically.

So, then, I started writing back at Blogspot, ick, allegedly temporarily, except it has yet to end, so...
let there be screwing going on, just not up MY ass anymore, thank you ever s'much.
Let's just say "screw IT" and, thanks to Pixy, who, by the way, got back to me in less time than it took me to milkfeed the calves (as opposed to three months and counting, you stupid server people who're screwing not only me, but Paul and all his other sites) I am back to stay.

"We" may have Blacklist and commenting problems, but they get fixed a helluva lot faster than in three months (and counting).

Thank you Pixy, more than I can say.
I swear, I don't know if I wanna do a happy dance or just bawl my head off with relief.
Maybe I'll do both.
After I go finish feeding the calves, update Gut Rumbles, and post links all over God's Earth to let people know where to find me NOW.

Tell ya what... after three months of no access to the dot com site, Blacklist bullshit is gonna be easy to deal with... *knocks on skull in lieu of wood*
(*whispers* Besides, it ain't like I get the volume of comments Rob got... *snerk*)

back outside to finish freezing the other half of my ass off.

(And many hugs on Pixy. You rock, Dude.)

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